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In-House Analyzer

Chemistry In-House Analyzer

Chemistry In-House Analyzer

Revolutionize Your In-House Analyzer

  • More Compact
  • More Accurate Results
  • No Centrifuge Required


  • Extra Low Whole Blood
  • Centrifugation Free
  • Lab Equivalent Accuracy


2 in 1 In-house Chemistry and Electrolyte Analyzer Test / Description Comprehensive Panel GLU, BUN, CREA, ALK, ATP, TP, AMYL, PHOS, AST, GLOB, ALB/GLOB, BUN/CREA Pre-Op Screen Panel ALK, ALT, BUN, CREA, GLU, TP, BUN/CREA, ALB, ALB/GLOB Kidney Panel BUN, CREA, PHOS, BUN/CREA Liver Function ALT, ALK, ALB, TBIL T4 Bile Acid Sodium Potassium Chloride

Three Steps

  1. Put the disc on the analyzer
  2. Inject whole blood of 170 ul
  3. Press start and get results in 15 min

Product Positioning

  1. Smart Choice: Multifunction, High Cost Performance Index
  2. Post Surgery Monitoring: Micro-blood, Accurate simplicity
  3. Customized Extensibility: Biochemistry, Electrolyte, Immunoassay

3 year warranty

  • Interface: RSZ32 USB Port 2.0
  • Net Weight: 18.7 Lb
  • Dimension: 13.7 Length / 9.4 Width / 13.4 Hight>

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