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In-House Analyzer

Hematology In- House Analyzer

Chemistry In-House Analyzer

Simple 3-Step Test

1. No Hassel Maintenance
Automatically cleaning sampling probe, windows interface all testing parameter display simultaneously, PC connection.

2. Easy to Operate
3-part differentiation of WBC
22 parameters
up to 45 samples test per hour

3. Innovative Technology
Advanced ARM Intelligent digital processing technology

Compact / Affordable / Reliable / Innovative

Analysis Mode: Optional venous blood, anticoagulant blood and prediluted blood

Sample Volume: Anticoagulant whole blood =< 9.6QL, Anticoagulant capillary blood 0< 9.6QL, prediluted capillary blood =< 20QL, the sample volume for repeating two times testing and avoiding second sampling.

3 part differentiation of WBC, 22 parameters, up to 45 samples test per hour

Classic fluid pipe design, larger result Linear Dynamic Range

Advanced ARM Intelligent digital processing technology

Three independent operation model: Figure button, mouse, international Key-board

Automatically cleaning sampling probe (inside and outside)

8.4” color TFT, Windows interface all testing parameter displayed simultaneusly

Large storage capacity: up to 10.000 samples +3 histograms

Low sample volume 10 ~ 40ul, high precision microanalysis

Internal thermal-sensitive printer or external printer

RS232 interface, PC connecting

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